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My very first week of working for myself is coming to an end, but all in all I think it went pretty well! I spent a lot of the week trying to recover from some kind of virus, so it was nice to be able to pop downstairs to the kitchen and make some tea when I wanted to, and take little cat naps, too. However, I am on a mad rush to finish up the 4th issue of This Girl Means Business as soon as possible and my little notebook of “business plans” is almost full, so I will definitely be stepping up my game over the weekend and into next week! Before that, however, I’m off to visit the American Swedish Institute today to get an extra little dose of inspiration. Here are some fun things I found interesting over the last week:


1. I discovered Emily Green‘s work this week (above, found on Pinterest of course) and fell in love with her drippy watercolor work. They kind of remind me of melting gumballs – what do you think?
2. I always love listening to the playlists that people share on their blogs. This week I discovered so many: Breanna Rose / Kate Miss / Gala Darling / Note to Self, and I also really like listening to Grace Bonney’s podcast After the Jump while I’m working in the studio.
Darling magazine looks so… well… darling!
4. I found Nubby Twiglet’s post on how she makes shooting photos easier really interesting & helpful, especially the bit about using ‘actions’ to edit a folder of images quickly.
5. Ooh la la! Jamie Vasta paints with glitter. So pretty.
6. Miss B from Besotted Brand shared a whole slew of posts with resources to help practice hand lettering & calligraphy including books to check out, writing utensils to use, and lots of great examples, and she’s not done yet!
7. Victoria from vmac+cheese shared these amazing power sticks on her blog – like a flash drive, you charge it with your computer and plug it into your phone when it’s about to die when you’re on the go!
8. I was also really inspired by all of the incredible things Jess Lively managed to accomplish with her cute little shop, Jess LC. Makes me want to dream even bigger for my own shop!


>> Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend and I’ll see you on Monday with a special post about the newest member of the family: our new puppy, Ziggy!

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