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updates @ the flood shop.

I’m all about tying up loose ends right now… You know the things you find yourself adding to every single to do list you make, yet it never seems to get done anyways? I’d like to put all those super annoying recurring items away once and for good.

Something on my list that has probably been on there the very longest is to finally get around to updating my Etsy shop for The Flood (my art zine & blog project). I’ve had some of these t-shirts since last summer and never quite got around to adding them online. I designed them all myself and only have a few left so perhaps you’ll use coupon code SHOP30 to get 30% off everything in my shop (including zines, stickers, and t-shirts) ’til February 1st and help me clear away some studio space for new projects? Go take a look and see if anything strikes your fancy:

Next step: Christmas & Hanukkah were a month ago now and I still haven’t finished the crafty present I was making for my boyfriend Max. Luckily he’s a nice guy and doesn’t seem to mind too much, but this is getting kind of ridiculous… will share soon!

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my week in photographs #2.

My Week in Photographs

Flower Throw Pillow

I have been crafting and designing up a storm lately! This year I’ve made a commitment to handcraft as many of my holiday gifts as possible as a way to save money, be more resourceful, and get a little extra creative experience under my belt. I made the throw pillow above for my grandma out of some fabric remnants that were on sale. I had no idea what I was getting into at the beginning of this, and I was pleasantly surprised when it all came together. I ended up really liking how the thinness of the pink fabric lets all the overlapping petals show through. I kinda tried to match my grandma’s decor which basically all revolves around her iconic off-white couch with reddish pink flowers all over it.

Hot Chocolate

Mmm, hot chocolate! I’ve had an overwhelming amount of things on my to do list lately and my new favorite mug has been keeping me good company. Christmas with my Grandma, Grandpa, my brother, and Max got moved up to tomorrow and I just found out a week ago. It’s been all about designing The Flood during the day and nightly solo craft parties in the studio.

Mini Christmas Tree

They were selling tiny Christmas trees at Trader Joe’s so I picked one up for my grandma because she no longer sets up a tree anymore and I wanted to give her one that would be a little more manageable for fun. I bought a couple of ornaments to put on it including a big sparkly red “J” (because both my grandma & grandpa’s names start with it: Janet & Jim), a funky little sparkly white orb arrangement, and a picture frame wreath that I put a picture of my grandma & grandpa inside of. I wrapped up the pillow for them as well and made cards for everyone.

For my brother Jeremy, I had ordered one of the Skyline Equalizer t-shirts I designed for but ended up having to settle with just putting a picture of it in his card for now because I couldn’t quite get it in time.

Grandma & Grandpa

Here’s the original picture of my grandma & grandpa pre-framing! It’s definitely one of my favorite pictures. They’ve been married for 30 years and I think this photo was either taken on or right around their wedding day.

Sponge Painting

I followed a tutorial from Create Loves to sponge paint this chevron design on the wrapping paper and a smaller chevron print for the card. I used teal blue tissue paper inside to match! It was really fun but I probably should have thought twice before doing this on the rug…

Christmas Card

Here’s the front of the card when it’s finished. I cut out a bunch of Christmas-y illustrations from the Trader Joe’s grocery bag and it worked out perfectly with the kraft paper wrapping! I wish I could’ve managed to take a photo of my brother’s card… I embroidered red and green thread into the cardstock and it was a fun little experiment. I think it would be kind of nice to make every Christmas card different this year!

Well, I’ve got a fun weekend ahead with a pre-Christmas breakfast, an art show to check out, and lots of cleaning and crafting of more presents for Christmas and Hanukkah festivities. The cover of The Flood #6 and the articles & contributors will be announced later on this week!

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recent project: t-shirt design

I was recently asked to design a t-shirt for Clint and Katie at Scared Panda to help them promote their move back home to the Twin Cities after stints in both Chicago and New York. The boyfriend/girlfriend duo behind this eco-friendly t-shirt line already kind of had an idea of what they wanted to portray with this one – a skyline equalizer to connect the outline of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Mississippi River with the fabulous local music scene we have here.

I cut out little divots here and there to show some of the most famous landmarks the Twin Cities has to offer – like the IDS tower, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Capitol building, and St. Paul’s 1st Bank sign. Then I flipped the image to mirror the reflection of water since the river runs right in between it all.

Twin Cities Skyline Equalizer T-Shirt

It’s now available in both a men’s navy blue crew neck

Twin Cities Skyline Equalizer T-Shirt…and a unisex/ladie’s v-neck in navy blue or purple!

Scared Panda is awesome too because they give back 10% of profits to a new charity every year. For the rest of 2011, they’re giving it to Growing Home, a Chicago-based non-profit that provides job training and fresh local, organic food to those in need. Plus, who wouldn’t love a blog filled with panda pictures?

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a day at the office.

We Print Shirts

The screen printing shop where I work has moved to a new location! The property managers of our previous building sold our space out to Habitat for Humanity, so now Twin City Tees has moved 7 blocks away near University Ave. & Hwy 280 in Minneapolis. Our new space is super duper nice… if I showed you pictures of our previous location you would understand how much of an improvement this is. I didn’t take any, so it’s out with the old and in with the new now…

We have big windows so I can watch the progress of the never-ending light rail construction outside and shiny black wood floors. When you walk in, there’s a nice little space to sit and wait and look at catalogs if I’m already helping someone.

There are amazingly high ceilings and SO MUCH WHITE SPACE which is why I am going to design a mural to go on the two smaller side walls behind the desk and one big huge one for the back wall. We’re also going to hang up a bunch of printing examples and possibly set up a TV showing a slideshow of more examples. Pretty soon we’ll be moving equipment in the back and we need to figure out a way to block off the gap in the wall so people can’t see what a mess I’m making back there… any thoughts?

Here is my great little work space where I respond to e-mails and look up prices on a beautiful bamboo counter top. There’s plenty of room for breakfast, too!

As you can tell, I’m pretty thrilled by the move! We’ll be setting up an incredible new website soon that will make it super easy for people to design their own t-shirts and we’ll be able to easily ship them out wherever they need to go, even outside the Twin Cities. Lots of exciting changes are afoot!

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new portfolio site!

I’ve been putting off putting together a portfolio website FOREVER. Why? Because I was always under the impression that I was going to build my own with carefully selected hand-coding and a design that screams who I am to potential clients. I would still love to do that someday, but until then there’s Carbonmade. Thank god for Carbonmade! They have made it so easy for me to upload my work for others to access. I still have many images to pillage from my computer and upload, but I’m feeling pretty proud that I’ve finally gotten around to doing something about my lack of portfolio.

It also includes my new t-shirt design! I started working at a screen printing shop last week and it has made me so busy, but I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Here’s George looking shifty:


A friend has inspired me to try to start a t-shirt website and sell shirts with my designs on them! I’m right in the middle of the action now with my new job, so why not? Hopefully I’ll be posting a lot more t-shirt designs in the future. I’m also gearing up for the next issue of The Flood and considering some ideas for paintings. I’m pretty excited about it all.

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