Hello lovely blog readers! I know I’ve been away from you for waaay too long, so I thought it was truly about time I popped in and gave you a proper update on what’s been going on in my colorful world lately in case you’ve been wondering where I’ve disappeared off to.

First of all, I have to say that the last couple of months have not gone AT ALL as planned. Nope, instead of making great progress towards all of the exciting goals I listed out in my last post, I woke up one random Thursday near the beginning of May and found myself feeling sicker than I think I’ve ever felt in my whole life. It has been a pretty stressful last 12 months and I have to admit my self-care was severely lacking. Luckily I have recovered in leaps and bounds since then – largely due to taking some temporary time off from being so overly ambitious all the time and MAJORLY upping my nutrition & exercise regime (which has been pretty much revolutionary for me!). Now I’m finally feeling pumped up and ready to ease back into the good ol’ creative flow again, but this time with a completely different and slower moving mindset in place.

In a way, this whole experience has been a blessing in disguise, because it forced me to reconsider pretty much everything in my life, from how I handle my own self-care, to how I manage my time and my business, and what really matters to me in life in general. It’s too bad that I had to get so sick to figure this all out, but now I’m feeling a lot happier and much more balanced than before, so I guess it has all worked out for the best!

Even though I haven’t been around as much on the blog or social media lately, I’ve still been working on TONS of design projects with some pretty awesome creative entrepreneurs behind the scenes (in between some heavy doses of self-care, of course!). So, instead of taking weeks & weeks to catch up and post about each one separately, I thought I’d just share them all here in one massive post because I have lots of other fun things I would love to debut on the blog before the month ends!

Are you ready for this? I don’t know if you are, but here we goooo…

Luna Prosperity Planner

I have been hyping this one up quite a bit over the last few months and I think it’s finally time I told you the full scoop! Psychic + author Pamela Chen and I have been working together on all sorts of projects and e-books lately, but one of our biggest endeavors has been creating this Luna Prosperity Planner, which is a combination of a moon cycle tracker and a day agenda, and it was so much fun to design! I especially love when I can see my work come to life in print and know that it’s going to benefit so many people, not to mention make their lives more fun. The best part is that it’s something that I really loved using for myself! You start off using it at the New Moon – which is when you decide what you would like to manifest during the upcoming moon cycle – and then you can track its manifestation through to the Full Moon all the way up until the next New Moon begins. The 30-day version is available to order here and a 90-day version will hopefully be coming available at some point in the future, so you can continue tracking your manifestations for 3 whole moon cycles instead of just one.

Besides the awesome planner, Pamela and I have also worked together on these 3 mini guides which focus mainly on healing and manifesting using crystals, sage & feng shui:

The best part? You can grab all of these magical e-books for FREE (or pay what you want!) from Pamela’s website HERE!

(FYI, The clip art shown on the covers was sourced from Creative Market!)

The Online Moon Lodge

Following along a similar lunar theme, I have also been working with the lovely Melanie of The Sacred Womb in Germany on lots of pretty printables for her new membership platform for women called The Online Moon Lodge. Every month she debuts a new bundle focusing on issues surrounding women’s reproductive health and spirituality and it has been so much fun to expand her mystical tribal + woodland theme into interactive PDFs (also using some gorgeous watercolor clip art from Creative Market) as a gift to her members. If you’re interested, you can find out more about the Online Moon Lodge here!

Patchwork Planner

A couple of months back, Becky from the quilting blog Patchwork Posse asked me to go through and revamp her incredibly in depth DIY quilting planner to give it a more professional look. The cool thing about this planner – besides the fact that it was also designed so it can be colored in like a coloring book (!) – is that you can choose exactly which of the 30+ pages you want to print and create your own customized quilting planner according to your needs. If you enjoy quilting or have a friend or family member who does, you can find out more information on the Patchwork Planner here!

DIVINA Personal Moon Calendar

…And dipping back into the lunar vibe once again (I think I may have become the official expert moon-themed graphic designer at this point and I have to say I’m pretty happy about it!), I’m super pumped to announce that I was lucky to work with one of my favorite authors and the creator of the DIVINA Dream Planner, Darla Antoine (who was interviewed on the blog here!), to create an awesome AND very useful Personal Moon Phase Calendar to accompany her super cool upcoming daily Moon Phrase e-mail series. This personal moon calendar can be downloaded for free right here to help you track your moods & dreams each day of the moon cycle and become more aware of how the moon affects you personally depending on which phase it’s currently in.

JenTex Training & Consulting

Last but certainly not least, I recently kicked off a major re-design project for a unique social work training and consulting company run by the super sweet Dawn in upstate New York. This is the final logo design and mood board that came out of the branding process and I’m excited to keep building it out into her other business materials including social media graphics, an e-course, and a new website design. More on this project soon, I’m sure!

Whew! If you are still reading this, BRAVO! After putting this all together, I guess I have been doing a lot lately. But I’m happy to say as of right now I am finally caught up on design work, and I’m ready to accept new clients once again. If you have been thinking about hiring on a graphic designer to help you make your business or blog graphics, PDFs, branding, and/or website look their absolute best, you can find out all about my custom design services here.

And if hiring a graphic designer is not exactly in your budget this summer, but you still want to achieve beautiful and professional visuals for your social media, opt-in gift, branding or website, stay tuned for my future posts because I will have some exciting updates on some upcoming DIY design courses to share with you next week!