Hi! Hope you’re having a lovely day. It has been quite a month so far around these parts… most of it, surprisingly, was spent without internet! How could that be when the internet is like, literally everywhere? Well, we live sort of out in the middle of nowhere which I actually love (it is so dreamy out here!), but for some reason we couldn’t get any internet companies to agree to come out and install it in our new house because we were “out of their area”.

So, instead of blogging and posting flower pics on Instagram (like the beauty I see everyday on my morning walk above)… I was mostly off sitting in the blazing hot car outside the library trying to keep up on my design deadlines. Sadly we don’t have too many coffee shops around here where you can sit and work in peace, so the high school library is pretty much the only choice when it comes to free internet if you’re having trouble with it in our tiny town!

Now that that‘s over with (thankfully we FINALLY found a company who agreed to come out & install it for us along with a big ugly satellite last week!), I’ve finally had a chance to get back in the groove and catch up on my internet reading, so here are some interesting things I’ve discovered and wanted to pass on. 🙂

  • The 100-day project started a week ago, but it’s not too late to get started! Basically it’s 100 days of anything you’ve really wanted to work on. Want to make more art? Want to make yoga a bigger part of your everyday life? (I think those should both be mine!) Pick anything you want and do it every day for 100 days and track your progress along with the rest of the 100-day project community on Instagram(Kiana Mosley, for instance, is doing 100 days of artgasms!) 
  • How finding your hook can help put your brand or biz ahead of the crowd.
  • Always remember to take some time to ask yourself, “What is most important?
  • Try this awesome idea from Deluxe Modern: Use floor tile samples from your local home improvement store to create lovely backdrops for your Instagram photos, like this fancy marble background.
  • I looove this Etsy shop filled with floral-painted wooden cut-outs of the U.S. and its states. They would be so cute for a wedding decoration or just to place on a knick knack shelf in your home.
  • Speaking of decorating, I’ve finally decided on the color I’m going to paint the new Half Asleep Studio. Here’s a sneak peek at what I have in mind!! 
  • And here’s a pretty comprehensive list of 15 ways to promote your blog posts!

What’s the longest you’ve ever had to go without internet? Did you cry a lot like me?

HAHA – SO excited to be BACK!