April is upon us & it’s time for another illuminating round of Creativityscopes! In case you missed it last month, creativityscopes are somewhat similar to horoscopes, but instead of being about random life happenings, they specifically feature an overview of the creative energies of the upcoming month based on your birthday & zodiac sun sign.

Once again, my friend & astrologer Lunara is here to give us all our own creativityscopes so we can all have a head’s up on how best to work with our own creative energies (& businesses) in the month ahead. Ready?! Here she goes…

{Mar 20 – Apr 19}

This month will be a great time for you to finally step back into your creative flow, Aries. With this being your birthday time of the year, the Sun is shining on YOU, giving you the extra energy you need to go after your big dreams. The New Moon on April 7th may even bring you an epiphany about an upcoming passion project. If you’re thinking about changing your job description or making over your entire career to explore a whole new facet of your skills & abilities, just remember: slow and steady wins the race. The bigger the dream, the more time it may take to reach it, so be sure to pace yourself and consider your next moves carefully. Whatever projects you begin this month will come to fruition by the Full Moon in October, so plan ahead and think hard about where you’d like to see yourself by then, and then figure out the exact steps you will need to take to get there!

{Apr 20 – May 20}

 Has last month left you with a flurry of new ideas, Taurus? I actually have some counter-intuitive advice for you: Rest! If you can take some time to smell the roses, re-group, and relax a little, it will help you subconsciously sift through your ideas to find which ones are truly golden, and which ones aren’t really meant for you. Once you’ve had time to clear your head, re-consider your options, and re-ignite your inspiration levels, the end of the month brings you a wonderful chance to begin your creative research with new-found clarity. Just don’t plan to launch your new project quite yet! Even if you think you’ve found all of the missing puzzle pieces, you’ll still need to keep shifting them around for a while longer, as the bigger picture may still be yet to reveal itself.

{May 21 – Jun 20}

Prepare to socialize, Gemini! April will be a great month for creative collaborations and group networking. As they say, your vibe attracts your tribe, so don’t afraid to show up as your real self – not just what you think others will want to see. Your authenticity will attract more like-minded partnerships into your life (that will be much more beneficial to your true career path) than if you sugar-coat or edit yourself to fit in. Also make sure you have your own business strategy in check before you start taking on a million new projects that involve other people, especially if you start to suspect they might cater more to others’ interests than your own. Shore up your foundations and work out a 12-month plan to make sure anything new you decide to take on will actually lead you to where you want to go with your business and your life. Then be prepared to say NO to any projects that won’t!

{Jun 21 – Jul 22}

Ready for a creative career boost, Cancer? This month could spell sweet success if you can keep your eye on the prize and block out anything that isn’t conducive to a productive working environment. In other words, try to keep your work hours focused on work – not for dealing with other people’s insane issues or second guessing yourself while endlessly scrolling through social media. The only real cure for stress is doing the work! When you’re not busy focused on work, taking enough time for self-care and exchanging ideas with true friends who support and energize you will help encourage you to be at your best. You’ll have no time for toxic people while you’re scaling new heights! If you can put your perfectionism aside and get the work done, there will surely be some brilliant benefits in store for you too.

{Jul 23 – Aug 22}

You may find yourself on an entirely new level now, Leo! While last month was filled with big insights and exciting opportunities, this month is all about getting acclimated and showing what you’re really made of. Now that you’re the one to watch, you may decide to take a new class to brush up on your skills or go on a business trip to discover ways you can do your job even better. Putting in extra work behind the scenes like this will surely impress your clients, customers or collaborators and show them that they definitely made the right choice to work with you. Just watch out for Mercury Retrograde as the month comes to a finale, as some of your hard-won accolades could potentially fall down the toilet (along with your iPhone!) if important technological or communication details become overlooked.

{Aug 23 – Sep 22}

You’re on to something good, Virgo! April is the perfect time to hole up and get to work on a new top secret scheme. In fact, it may be quite hard for you to think about much else! Just don’t keep your ideas hidden behind the velvet curtain for too long, as it will eventually take stepping outside of your comfort zone and putting your ideas in front of real people to make your project pick up some real steam. Big changes are definitely on the horizon for you and your career, but getting where you want to be will take doing things you haven’t had the guts to do, until now. Try to have faith in yourself and remember that a positive attitude and excitement for the unknown (rather than incessant worry or fear) will take you anywhere you want to go, and beyond!

{Sep 23 – Oct 22}

Feeling any different, Libra? March was a major month of personal transformation for you, but luckily April will be a bit more tame. It’s going to be a great time for you to pair up with a collaborative partner and discover the amazing things that can happen when you put two creative minds together. You may even stumble upon a fresh opportunity that will allow you to shut the door on your old job title for good, opening you up to start something more exhilarating and more in line with what you want for your future. Just be sure that your new-found excitement doesn’t cause you to take on more than you can handle! Do your research, don’t be tempted to double-book yourself, and prepare to do lots of behind-the-scenes planning to make your dreams come true.

{Oct 23 – Nov 21}

Don your comfiest sweatpants and get to work, Scorpio. The beginning of April is a fabulous time to hop out to grab a venti latte and then get back to the office for the day to catch up on any loose ends that may have been distracting you or keeping you from doing your best work. Organize your workspace, file your taxes (if you haven’t already), update your social media profiles, and check up on any other details that will allow you to better streamline your process. By the end of the month, you’ll be all set to shine in the spotlight with the hard-won culmination of a big project you originally began working on last fall. Just remember this phrase: keep things simple. Take some time to slow down and reflect before your over-excitement causes you to promise more than you can deliver!

{Nov 22 – Dec 21}

Brace yourself, Saggitarius. April is going to be awesome! You’ve been learning how to step into your innate creative power and now you’re finally able to express your full authentic nature. Be true to yourself and speak from the heart in your newsletter or social media, and you will find yourself attracting new fans left and right! Now that you are beginning to see that what you have to offer has great value, it might also be a good time to update your pricing. Start with a gut check, but don’t let limiting beliefs keep you stuck in old financial patterns. Towards the end of the month, you’ll want to accelerate full speed ahead, but some bumps in the road may send you back to begin again. If you find yourself feeling frustrated, you should get yourself outside to de-compress and re-discover your center.

{Dec 22 – Jan 19}

Ready for some time to recharge, Capricorn? After last month’s action packed adventures, you’ll finally have an opportunity to take things down a notch and get cozy with creative activities you can do from the comfort of your home, such as writing, cooking, scrapbooking, or decluttering. Once you’re feeling more balanced and reinvigorated from spending time in your sacred space, you’ll be ready to get back out into the world to co-mingle with others in your industry or explore an exciting new creative direction for your business. Relaxation is an especially important theme for you this month, so keep your dreams big, but be sure to break them into smaller, more manageable chunks so you can also give yourself enough time to unwind and keep yourself from burning out.

{Jan 20 – Feb 18}

You’re ready to share your knowledge on a new level, Aquarius! What do people keep telling you they want to learn? Why couldn’t you be the one to show them the way? This month the spotlight for you is on powerful communications and unveiling the expert within. You may receive a surge of creative inspiration around teaching or writing, or get a vision of yourself in a leadership position where you can share your ideas and positively help others. Increasing your efforts in these areas might even grab the attention of someone important who has the power to grant you the opportunity to show what you know on a bigger scale than you may have originally imagined. Getting this chance to surround yourself with a supportive network of like-minded people could be just the thing you need to begin see your long-term career plans bloom this spring!

{Feb 19 – Mar 20}

Look at you go, Pisces! You’re in reinvention mode until early 2017, and you’re already starting to discover some important insights that will greatly benefit your life & business in the long run. No need to sprint to the finish line or over-work, however, just focus on a few key goals, do the best you can each day, and you will get where you want to be naturally. Staying aware of your energy levels and striving for a more efficient workflow from day to day will especially help you NOT to over-plan or over-pile your plate with too many projects that you may not necessarily have the ability or energy to follow up on later. Just stay focused and don’t procrastinate, and by fall you should start to see the culmination of your efforts become magnified!