Are you currently promoting your blog, brand or business on Facebook? Then you probably already know ALL about the frustration of trying to get your posts to actually reach your Facebook fans. Even if your page has tons of followers, if you check the number on the bottom of your posts, you can see that only a small percentage of them even get to SEE your posts in their feed – even though they specifically asked to. How rude!

But expanding your reach and getting your fans to ‘like’ or even see your posts is sadly only HALF the battle! Do you know what’s also important? Getting your fans to actually click through and go to your website, shop, or anywhere else you’d like to lead them. As great as it is getting lots of ‘likes’ (or even 1, depending on where you’re at!), you want to eventually to get your fans to swing by your internet headquarters – aka your website, blog, or shop – to learn more about your offerings (you know, so you can make money & stuff!).

So, here is just a little something you can do to get more traffic back to your site, shop, or anywhere else you would like to promote…

You can add Facebook tabs (also called apps) to your Facebook page, and they can contain any design or link you want!

It may seem like such a small detail because people will have to actually be ON your page to see them, but it surprisingly does help. Ever since I installed mine, I have received over 150+ clicks from my Facebook page to my website, shop, and other social media profiles. I know this number because the tabs are trackable, too!

I realize it’s not exactly a humongous number of clicks, but if the tabs hadn’t been there at all, I would have missed out completely! Plus, they add another beautiful branded element to my page to help my page stand out better overall, which is always nice, right?

Here’s how to install tabs to your Facebook Page:

  1. Go to and create an account by clicking “Try it for free.”
  2. Sign up with Facebook and all of the pages you manage will be added to your account automatically.
  3. Choose the Facebook page you would like to manage from the dropdown at the top of the screen (unless you only have one).
  4. When your Facebook page is selected, click on ‘Static Tabs‘ from the top menu.
  5. Press the green button that says ‘Create a New Tab‘.
  6. PinterestTwitterInstagram, and Youtube tabs are already pre-made options that are available for you to choose, but picking one of these pre-made options will NOT link to your accounts – instead, when someone clicks on it, it will open a page within your Facebook page with a mini version of your profile. If you’re okay with this – you can go ahead and choose one of those pre-made options. Otherwise, if you just want to create a link to your actual social media profiles, website, or shop, you can choose the first option, ‘HTML Fangate Tab‘.
  7. Fill in the options on the ‘Edit/Customize Tab Content‘ page, like your URL and any other advanced options you would like to play around with if you so choose. If you’re using the HTML Fangate option, be sure to choose the ‘Redirect‘ tab on the left side of the Page Source setting (instead of HTML!) so that the button will link directly to a new page, rather than showing a new page inside the frame of your Facebook page.
  8. Finally, on the left sidebar, click on ‘Tab Settings‘ to upload your tab image and enter a name label that you want to show up on your Facebook page.
  9. Click ‘Save Settings‘ when you’re done, and then go check out your Facebook page. The changes should be live on your page immediately (even if they don’t show up on Woobox right away).
  10. Rinse & repeat for every tab you want to create. However, ONLY the first 3 tabs you create will show up on your page – the rest will only be visible behind an arrow – so make sure to choose your favorites for the top spots!

*Please note that tabs can only be installed to Facebook Business Pages (not personal profiles).